Hi, I’m Megan Farquharson. Thanks for checking out my portfolio page! I’m currently in my last semester at Quinnipiac University, working toward a Master’s Degree in Interactive Media. What does that mean?

Program Overview: The School of Communications’ master of science degree program in interactive media focuses on the principles and practices of creating content for distribution through the Internet, portable media devices and related digital platforms. The degree program’s mission is to provide a master’s level education where students prepare to become leaders, producers, and managers for national and global organizations in the field in interactive media.

That means I’m learning HTML5, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery, User Centered Design, Graphic Design, Flash, Actionscript3, Drupal, and more!

I’m currently finishing up my program, and for my Capstone Project I’m creating my own responsive WordPress template, which I will apply to this website and make available for download. Once it’s finished, this page will look a lot fancier!




Look, it’s me!