Ana Barrons website redesign was an interesting experience. She doesn’t have a separate hosting service, and instead uses a site, with an upgrade that allows theme customizations only on CSS. Which means I couldn’t move around the PHP elements or upload my own custom theme. But I did find a good theme to use, and through CSS edits I was able to make it fit more to Ana’s style than her previous site did. I used Illustrator to make the design in the header, and picked the dark purple and gold combo because I thought it had a rich, decadent feel which would be a good way for a romantic suspense author to be portrayed.

I’m still working on more updates, such as cleaning up the sidebar and creating new buttons for purchasing books, and those will be up on the site as soon as they’re ready.

I also helped get Ana going on Twitter, and linked her Facebook and Twitter accounts to make it easier to tweet new content.