Cheesy Rice has been my food blog website since 2010. It’s been a hobby that I love to do during my free time, and it’s also how I got interested in web design in the first place. This site has gone through many many redesigns. I finally decided that my favorite food blogs are often the most simple in design. Light colors, no clutter, and a focus on the food. So that’s how I designed it. I used a basic theme and rearranged some elements (for example the menu bar used to be above the header, which I thought was silly) and softened things out in the CSS stylesheet (rounded edges, borders, etc.). Keeping it simple also helps with it’s load time, since I use a lot of plugins for recipes and SEO optimization.

If you check it out, please don’t be upset that I haven’t updated in a while! Grad school has been keeping me pretty busy. I’m sure I’ll start posting again soon!