I started learning how to code because I had a food blog, and I had a vision for exactly how I wanted the layout to look. I started with Blogger, stepped up my game with developing through Dream Weaver, then moved over to WordPress. I don’t do as much food blogging now as I used to since my passion turned more to the media/interactive aspect rather than the recipe aspect of it all.

Here are some of the recipes I worked on for the Food Network before and during my internship.


peanut butter semifreddo

First up is a recipe I developed for one of their magazine contests. The ingredient was peanut butter, and so I developed a Peanut Butter-Banana Semifreddo, and my recipe won. This was well before my internship.




50 pies

During my internship, I had a lot of fun developing recipes for the magazine’s 50 Things booklets. The first one I worked on was 50 Pies for Thanksgiving.





50 gifts

I also had the opportunity to develop some recipes for the 50 Edible Gifts booklet. I mainly focused on the Butterscotch Candies (38), Saltine Toffee (39), Nutty Chocolate Pretzel Wands (49), and assisted with the rest.