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This is a design I did for Inventivity Square. The original template worked well for what they had in mind, but didn’t quite fit the aesthetic of the organization. I changed the shapes and sizes of the featured pages boxes using CSS3, and they also have a hover element to slightly change the colors. I removed the “Read More” button, and made the entire box link to the page. I also created custom div tags for the featured pages so that they would each have a unique color to represent them.







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This is the redesign I did for author Ana Barrons website. She had a very basic website design to begin with, and so I chose a new template, created the purple and gold color scheme, and made a design for her name in Adobe Illustrator. Her site is currently hosted on wordpress.com, so all of the changes are simply through CSS. I’m currently working on creating a new WordPress template which I will apply to her website to give her more functionality.









This is a site design I did for a Martial Arts studio. I used a very simple WordPress template, and made it my own by adding the elements needed. The instructor wanted a simple, clean layout with a different color scheme that other Martial Arts websites in order to give a different feel. If you look at other Martial Arts sites, you will notice than many use very bold, harsh colors, and instead he wanted his to have a more relaxed and family-friendly feel to it.